We believe food is a way to show love towards others. For the elderly and disabled, a good meal can be just what it takes to make life seem worth living. Children become all smiles as they get enough to eat at last. Parents are relieved. Men and women who have been homeless and addicted for years start to believe that life can be different. For everyone, the meal is a time to connect with others, build relationships and to consider how the message of hope they just heard can apply to their lives.


The Florida Dream Center utilizes a Mobile Food Truck to deliver food to many areas throughout the county providing food for families, homeless, adults, children, and seniors. Our food distribution program for 2018 supplied over 1,010,346.70 pounds of food. The distribution is carried out throughout the week and on Saturdays at our Adopt-a-Block program. To see the various locations that we have delivered to Click here.