Dear Community Partner,

Many of you have yet to hear of us, but, rest assured, our services over the last 9 years have impacted more than thousands of men, women, and children right here in Pinellas County, and we are making strides to serve even more in years to come.

There are hundreds of worthwhile organizations in the area, and we are grateful they are here to support our County. Like those worthy causes, we want to express to you how every dollar we raise impacts your community, and how you can help. There is no better testimony than witnessing the clients we have served join our mission to serve others. We inspire growth and stability and provide a long-lasting support system with every client, and within every neighborhood, needing our help. Our programs RENEW HOPE and REBUILD LIVES. When we see a need we meet it, and when we find a hurt we heal it.

On behalf of every individual we have served and everyone we will serve in the next year and beyond, we invite you to be a key participant in their future. It’s more than another fundraising event; it’s an opportunity for you to play a significant role in helping rebuild someone’s life. Thank you in advance for taking the time to learn how you can join us.


Steve Signature        

Steve Cleveland, CEO, Florida Dream Center