Florida Dream Center, One Tampa Bay Non-Profit Organization

Florida Dream Center is committed to restoring dreams, renewing hope and rebuilding lives by providing services that address immediate and long-term needs of homelessness, human trafficking, hunger, poverty and community outreach within Pinellas County.

Its responsibility is to make a difference in all lives, regardless of sex, religion, race or age, by improving overall quality of life through its five wraparound programs: mobile food pantry, adopt-a-block, resident advocacy, work readiness training and human trafficking.

Its mobile food bank distributes food within Pinellas County to at-risk communities at four stationary sites on Saturdays, bringing the food to residents who are either without transportation, elderly, homeless, low-income/no income or disabled. During the week, its food pantry distributes to 40 different locations including local churches, organizations, shelters and other pantries.

In 2019, its mobile food pantry distributed 1.41 million pounds of food, 13,914 pre-packaged youth meals.

The adopt-a-block program adopts communities in need of assistance with lawn, alley, home improvements, and trash/debris removal. The program intends to bridge the gap between at-risk residents and socio-economic equality in the areas of affordable housing, nutritional food/immediate need access, and social services.

Its resident advocacy connects residents to countywide social and community services in the areas of education, child care, public transportation, community health, mental health, substance abuse, legal assistance, and state/federal public programs.

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